Processing of raw leather involves the use of processing agents which may produce Chromium VI and Azo Dyes. The Chromium VI and Azo-Dyes content of leather products are a concern due to the safety risks they present to human which may come into direct and prolonged contact with the skin. Hence, during tanning of leather we accord highest importance in making all our products free from harmful carcinogenic substances like Chromium VI and Azo-Dyes as per European Committee for Standardisation (CEN) updated standard of February 2017.

We take utmost care in shaving and dyeing process to maintain desired level of uniform thickness and even colour. Skilled artisans of leather gloves and garments ensure flawless stitching from 100% die cut patterns. All our products meant for Welding applications are specially stitched in heat resistant and one of the strongest thread KEVLAR®. Finally each and every product is thoroughly checked before packaging in a humidity controlled chamber.